Justice Spell

 Justice Spell Justice Spell are spells cast to counter-balance and bring justice to the casters life. this may be either black or white magic.

justice spell
Justice Spell IN ANGOLA


Have you been wronged, we mean REALLY wronged? Has someone harmed you in a way that is beyond immoral? Use this with caution as it is the most powerful revenge spell that we offer. HEX Spell

Break Them Up

Did someone take your man (or woman)? Decided you don’t really want them but of course, don’t want the one that stole them to have them either? This spell has been used many times over to split up couples around the world. Break Them Up Spell


Do you want someone to fail at everything they do? Want to see them trip on their shoelaces and flop on their face? Our CURSES will remove the effectiveness of an individual in everything they do. CURSE Someone Spell

washing off bad luck justice spells
washing off bad luck justice spell in Africa

Bad Luck

Want to make sure your enemies luck is bad no matter what they do? See them go from the top of the world to bottom of the heap? Once cast, our lost luck revenge magic spell will ensure that your enemy, ex-boy/girlfriend, ex-lover, ex-boss, mother in law, or any other you can think of have the worst luck imaginable. Bad Luck Spell

 Justice Spell

Ruined/Ramshackle Finances

Has someone hurt you and you want to ruin them financially? Want to make sure they can’t afford their mortgage next month? This magick revenge spell will ruin the finances of someone who deserves it (no you can’t cast this on your neighbor because they got a new car and you are jealous unless you don’t like them and they are flaunting of course). Ruin Someone’s Finances Spell

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Lost/Lose Their Job

Lost/Lose Their Job

Do you have to work with your enemy day after day? Want to see them lose their job so that you no longer have to tolerate seeing them? This spell is great if you have an enemy at work and want them gone. Is it the person that sits next to you clipping their nails all day or the person that got the big office with the windows that should have been yours? It doesn’t matter. Get Them Fired! Spell

Sexual Dysfunction

Are you looking to see your ex’s love life go limp? Want to be able to laugh at their embarrassment knowing that their adult functions are no longer functioning? Let us help you exact your devious revenge. Sexual Dysfunction Spell, Justice spell 

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