Witchcraft is not only the process of practicing magical spells. For many practitioners of magic, witchcraft is more than a hobby; it is a religion and a way of life that they devote their entire lives too.

The term usually used to describe it as a religion is Wicca, the old English name for a witch.
It is believed by many that the characteristics required by a witch are inherent at birth, which is one of the major factors that make it different from sorcery.

Sorcery’s Basics

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Despite, its negative connotations due to the portrayal of witches in films as evil old women, Wicca is actually a religion like many others in that it sees all of Creation as sacred and does not seek to destroy any living creature. Those who follow Wicca worship both a female and male God who are said to have created the world together.In fact, the only thing that really causes Wicca to be massively different to other religions is the belief in magic.Misconceptions about Witchcraft is often automatically linked to black magic, although in reality, it is not entirely either of them and can vary between the two.

Wicca represents Mother Nature and thus neither the religion, nor the people who practice it are entirely positive or entirely negative in terms of their practice.

Witch crafts

Spells, rituals and prayers are a huge part of Wicca n life as they are used to ask for divine intervention, which is provided by way of celestial energies.

All spells cast must adhere to the Wicca n Reed, which is similar to the Christian Bible and serves as a “rule book” for the Wicca n faith, forbidding spells that can cause harm to others.

The book states that any negative spells used on someone by a witch will affect them back threefold, in a concept similar to that of karma in the Buddhist faith.
Witchcraft Spells for the Greater Good

Most people now believe that witches cast their spells for good purposes such as love and wealth as opposed to causing harm to others, as the myths would suggest.

Wicca is a religion based around fertility and thus worship is often swayed towards their female deity as a result of this. The religion as a whole is organized around the natural seasons that are integral to the way in which the farming industry works.In order to correctly channel the energies that are required for witchcraft rituals, you must understand all of the principles discussed on the rest of this website as these are fundamentally important to spell work. This is very important as the entirety of magic relies on taking energies from celestial bodies such as the moon and so it is essential to know how to channel these energies. This is very important as the entirety of magic relies on taking energies from celestial bodies such as the moon and so it is essential to know how to channel these energies.
Learning Witchcraft The absolute best way to learn witchcraft (provided you are serious about the belief system) is to join a coven, a small group of witches that meet to practice spells and discuss beliefs. These covens are often associated with dark activity, but they are really the same as any religious group.


From the experience of these people, you can effectively learn the art of the Wicca n.
In conclusion, witchcraft is a powerful art and a religion that should be treated very seriously If you are sure that you are able to devote yourself to the practicing of Wicca, then it is worthwhile immersing yourself in some literature and internet content in order to fully understand what the belief system and religion is all about before you begin to practice Wicca as a faith.

Wicca, like any other faith, can be rewarding and refreshing, giving you direction in your life. However, it involves a lot of work and devotion that some people just don’t have, so make sure you are cut out for all of the work.

However, it involves a lot of work and devotion that some people just don’t have, so make sure you are cut out for all of the work.
Witchcraft Spells

There is no denying the fact that we wish magic would play a major role in our daily lives. However, that is just it. We don’t realize what the main objectives of witchcraft really are until we are in a desperate situation in our love life, finances, or career. If you seek to improve an area of your life then witchcraft spells may be the answer to your needs. Magic and witchcraft go hand in hand, and for the most part have nothing to do with evil, which is why you can safely turn to witchcraft spells for help. It is all about creating and…


Witchcraft Love Spells

Witch crafts

Magical and enchanted words used by witches and Wicca’s to manipulate the forces of nature to achieve desired results is commonly called a witchcraft spell. The scope of these spells is indeed very wide and there is no end to the kinds of problems they can address with its help. The life of a common man is filled with duality. On the one hand there is the reality, the harsh and blinding truth he has to deal with every day, and on the other hand he has his hopes and aspirations he refuses to give up on. Witchcraft spells are a potent way to…

Egyptian Witchcraft Love Spells

Egyptian love spells are the oldest love spells that have ever existed on Earth. While the magic itself is timeless (Egyptians said it was older than the gods themselves), Egypt was the first place where the rituals and spells were put into a single tradition of magic. In the millennia to come, Egyptian witchcraft became a foundation of most European schools of magic, including the renowned Hermetic tradition. Of course love spells are only a small part of the Egyptian magical heritage, but an important one. Free Egyptian Love Spells Egyptian…

Black Witches and Magic Spell Casters

When it comes to magic, most things black are associated with Satan and evil. Along with it, black witches have been looked at with the greatest of suspicion. However, the fact is that there are many benevolent factors of black magic, which is used to ward off evil, cure illnesses, and for an individual’s personal improvement. Some people have misused the powers of black magic to kill, harm, and destroy for their own personal gain. However, they are accountable to the law of threefold which states that everything you send out in a spell can…White Witches and Spell Casters


Magic can be used for the benefit of all, a tradition which has been followed for centuries. While most white witches will tell you that magic has no color, we have both black magic and white magic at our disposal today. White magic is pure, benevolent magic that works on positive energies that are generated by spell casters. The simple law that positivist can only create energy that is more positive holds good when it comes to white magic. These spells used with great success for generations, always with a positive outcome. No…

Witchcraft Commitment Spell

This spell will allow you to use witchcraft to bring about a deep, meaningful commitment with a new lover or strengthen your commitment with an existing partner. This witchcraft spell works by causing your partner to become aware of the desire for a deep commitment that is already present within his or her heart and mind. This spell uses a powerful potion and works by allowing you to align the power of your mind with natural, spiritual, and elemental forces to bring about the best possible future for yourself and others. It helps you to…

Charging a Talisman

A talisman usually defined as an item of jewelry or a trinket that magical properties of some kind. They usually wore around the neck and very similar to an amulet and almost the entire process for charging or consecrating a talisman exactly the same as that for charging an amulet. However, they slightly different in that an amulet hanged when a Waning Moon in the sky whereas talismans charged when the Waxing Moon is present in the sky. When to Use a Talisman Talismans useful as they used to protect…

Materials and Supplies for Spells

When people complain of spells not working, despite their best efforts and complying to all of the instructions they find, one of the most regular issues that crops up the issue of practitioners not having assembled all of the equipment required for the spell to work in its intended way. There are a plethora of items that you could need in order for your spell to work properly, including candles, herbs, incense, crystals, and oils. The items required will of course vary depending on the type of spell you are doing and also how…

Tips on Joining a Coven

After searching for many days and weeks, after many nights of reading and chatting with numerous people all over the world, you finally found what you were searching for, a coven that absolutely perfect for you in every way. The members amazingly friendly and just plain awesome, the coven itself exactly what you interested in and the location is convenient. The best part about it they asked you to join! Well no matter how “perfect” and awesome the coven seems to be, there are a few things that you need to consider. The…

Witchcraft’s Tools

Witches tools are the things that witches use in order to perform spells and rituals and to practice their religion. They use these tools when they perform their rituals or spells although the tools themselves have no power of their own. You don’t have to have or use any tools in the practice of witchcraft but they do make the process go easier. Five Basic Ritual and Witchcraft Tools Wand, which represents the air. Thames, which represents the fire. Chalice, which represents the water. Pentacle, which represents the earth. Censer, which also…


Book of Shadows

The Book of Shadows is an important book in witchcraft. It contains magical spells and magical lore from witchcraft and used in Wicca and in other types of witchcraft. The Book of Shadows teaches us basic rituals, magical practices and traditions, magical ethics and magical philosophic thought. It contains spells that are specific to a given witch or used by many witches in the practice of witchcraft. Interestingly, in traditional British Wicca, the hand copying of the Book of Shadows is part of the initiation one goes through in order to…The Pentagram in Witchcraft

The pentagram is a rather infamous symbol. Due to its use by Satanists (although they use an adapted version with a goat’s head and the five pointed star turned upside down), it has accrued a horrendous reputation as a symbol for black magic and evil. This is grossly mis Attributed as the pentagram not intrinsically linked to the darker kind of magic, but in fact simply a powerful structure for those who practice magic in general, regardless of whether they use black magic or white magic. The Meaning of the Pentagram In the usual…

Elements and Directions of Magic

Witches honor the elements Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit and their associated directions North, East, South, West, and Center in the sacred circles where rituals held and spells executed. The Sacred Circle is a symbol of self and divinity defining the ritual area and creates the proper atmosphere for the ritual bringing the participants closer to the Goddess and God. The circle is usually nine feet in diameter. The circle defines the ritual area, holding in the personal power and shutting out distracting energy, creating the…

The Moon and Magic

The Powers of the Moon are important to Witches who look to the phases of the moon to provide them with guidance, balance, prosperity, success and love in their life. Casting spells based on the phases of the moon can help you stay organized and bring order to your magic. Certain spells become void or change in the meaning depending on when they cast according to the moon phases. Therefore, when you are casting a spell you should keep this system in mind. The lunar cycle evolves from the new moon to the lunar moon. Each cycle even…

What is a Witch?

Many people do not understand what a witch is and have the wrong impression about the kind of lifestyle a witch actually lives. They believe that witches are the product of the devil and that they practice Satanism. Nothing could be further from the truth. Witches have certain beliefs that vary depending on the type of witchcraft they believe in. Most witches believe in the existence of a god and goddess that together make up the Godhead. The god and goddess represent parts of the earth. For example, the god represents elements of hunting and…

Wicca and Witchcraft

There is a lot of misconception about Wicca and Witchcraft. You may be under the impression that a Wicca n that practices Wicca and a Witch that practices Witchcraft is the same thing. The truth is they’re not. That said, Wicca’s considered Witches due to the fact that they cast witchcraft spells. Confused yet? Don’t worry; once you understand the difference between the two it will become clearer. What is a Wicca n? A Wicca n is someone who is apart of the pagan religion Wicca. Just to clarify, Paganism consists of a number of…



Many don’t know enough about witchcraft to understand how potent the art really is. To begin with, witches are more spiritual than average and have the skills to channel their inherent energies in the right direction. Witchcraft is real and yes, it does work as long as you practice it with the right intentions. Much of the hype generated in Hollywood movies does not resemble the art of witchcraft at all. Witchcraft practiced for centuries but only came into the limelight when the Catholic Church turned its attention on Pagan…

Egyptian Witchcraft

Egyptian witchcraft an ancient, traditional form of witchcraft in which Egyptian Gods and Goddesses worshiped and honored. They believe in the Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses and worship them during their rituals and magic. Those who practice Egyptian magic have congregations called Temples or Covens. They believe that anyone has the ability and the capacity to experience the mystery of Egyptian religious beliefs and welcome those who want to work hard and create magic within the confines of the religion. Via the coven or…

Traditional Witchcraft

Traditional witch crafts is not the same as Wicca Witchcraft – although they believe in some of the same principles. It is a way of life that strongly believes in traditions. It originated in the British Isles and has been around a lot longer than Wicca, which is only sixty years old. Unlike Wicca, traditional witchcraft believes in the ethics of intent and does not have any Reed, self-initiation or Watchtowers. There is a special initiation just for practitioners of traditional witchcraft. There is a strong belief in the “homeland”.

The…Modern Witchcraft. Modern witchcraft differs in some ways with the one that practiced in ancient times and yet. It somewhat the same. People studying modern witchcraft find that its ancient origins that date back. To the ancient and possibly prehistoric times. In old times, people who practiced it often persecuted for their beliefs. There witch hunts in old Germanic countries of the Middle Ages. And even in the US in the 1600s and 1700s. The History of Witchcraft not a pleasant chapter for witches and practitioners of magic. The Principles…

The History of Witchcraft’s

As any witch quick to inform you. Witchcraft not a subject that will received throughout history. Especially with the development and rise of monotheism across the world. Indeed, witchcraft actively persecuted and stigmatized in various chapters of history. Sometimes, by a society which previously relied upon witchcraft to achieve certain objectives. Take the ancient Romans for example. Before Christianity became such an influential force within Roman society, witchcraft as common as any other domestic item or…


How to Learn Witchcraft?

Witchcraft’s a fascinating way of life that follows the rules of Mother Nature. The laws of the Universe and the components of the universe, notably the sun, moon, stars, nature, and earth. Many people who follow a magical path some innate magical ability. And know how to practice it because they gifted in it. You come to know how to learn witchcraft even if you don’t. Any particular magical abilities. It is an art that you can learn. It just important that you really want to learn the craft. Using the Internet to Learn…

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